Power Production

At Sompower, we are very conscious of our carbon footprint, which is why we closed 20 inner city diesel powered stations to our Ba’aado site 7km on the outskirts of Hargeisa. Our company is the first electric supplier to produce 24hr concurrent supply to all our customers.

Grid Management

Our grid extends all corners of the capital Hargeisa along with towns nearby with coverage of more than 500km. We use cutting edge distribution technology to ensure efficient delivery of power to our customers.

Supply & Retail

Customer satisfaction is our no1 priority, so we’ve invested heavily in retail, technical support and call centre operations. In addition, we supply high-value sectors like industrial, telecom or high priority accounts such as hospitals and aviation services.


Our mantra is to inspire a brighter tomorrow and with over 90% market share, we are constantly evaluating our means of production, transmission and distribution.
Sompower embarked on 18-month analysis to review the potential of renewable energy in its markets. As a result, we are glad to announce our new Green Power Plant on the outskirts of Hargeisa, with state of the art solar farm that has the capacity to produce more than 30% of our production.
Green Power has its obvious ethical and ecological advantages of reducing carbon emissions, however, we see the potential in cost-volume-profit reaching break-even or profitability for the first time ever. These pioneering leaps forward will provide a sustainable growth for our shareholders and leave a long-lasting impact on society.