Our Objectives

Sompower Main Objective

To be the leading energy provider in Somaliland

  1. Provide the electric power sector with high-quality, effective and safe technologies that meet the most rigorous standards of the modern industry
  2. Create competitive research and development products that meet current demands and anticipate future needs of energy;
  3. Develop and offer innovative and unique solutions to generate electric energy, improve transmission and distribution methods and ensure effective control of electric power systems and power pool systems;
  4. To engage in the preparation of annual generation capacity planning in close consultation with relevant stakeholders locally, regionally and internationally.
  5. Extend design life and upgrade electric power equipment using the latest and most efficient technologies.
  6. To engage in the provision of consultancy services in the electricity generation sector and related projects at agreed commercial terms.
  7. To establish a technical capacity building institution in the power generation sector and provide training on terms and conditions to be approved by the Board of Directors