Message from the CEO

The merger of ALEL ,GECO and HEC the largest three electric companies in Somaliland and creation of Sompower is an exciting news for the Somaliland energy sector and for all Somaliland business community. Merging 32 small independently owned electric companies to create( GECO ,ALEL,HEC) and then merging these Three large companies to create Sompower is almost a miracle.

This merger is a result of the hard work of the board and the management of the two companies and you as an employee of these two companies. Because of this merger, Sompower is one of the largest energy companies is East Africa.

Sompower is investing heavily on renewable energy to provide affordable energy to its customers. And that means more opportunities for you as employees of the company.

Investors of Sompower will benefit from being part of a company with a more stable management and financial foundation, which will create greater opportunity for growth over the long term and better return on their investment.


Ahmed Ibrahim Suldan